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About MGIS

Innovative pedagogy

MGIS breathes innovative pedagogy. It creates a conducive environment for teaching and learning through project based education, differential pedagogy, use of diversity and real life learning in the class-room.


Vocational training

MGIS promotes skill-based education. It offers students and alumni the possibility of opting for technical training in creative media production and gain a professional certification in the field parallel to academics.

Top ranking school

The work at MGIS has been recognised and the school has been ranked best international school in the state and among the top 20 schools of India.

Experiential learning

MGIS promotes hands on learning.Through class projects,learning is constructed through the use of concrete pedagogical resources and experiences.                                                                                                                       


Teacher training

The school has an in-house Teacher Training Centre that provides continual Professional Development to its teachers through short and long term courses. These are then applied in MGIS.

Inclusive education

Since inception the school has had a policy of inclusion to promote diversity in the learning process and encourage students to learn to respect themselves and others albeit differences and similarities.

Progressive education

MGIS believes in student-centric teaching approach, that engaged students in a more democratic interaction. It also believes in embracing alternative forms of education that move away from hierarchal and didactic instruction in the favour of experiential and personalised instruction.                                     

Pioneering school

The school has made pioneering efforts in several fields: inclusion of socio-economically underprivileged children, no uniforms, no bells, no exams till 10th,use of Apple technology among many other efforts.

Action Research

The school has an in-house Research centre, where research about new pedagogical strategies, movements and practices are explored and tested in the school of application, MGIS.

                                                     Mission Statement

We are committed to provide quality education that is accessible to all sections of society irrespective of caste, socio-economic status, religion and nationality.The school seeks to promote inter-cultural understanding and mutual respect by encouraging all forms of diversity (cultural, intellectual, physical, linguistic and other) within and without the classroom in order to engender diverse learner interactions, which are a fundamental resource to its innovative pedagogy.

The school is committed to develop and implement a pedagogy, which allows for learning to be an enjoyable experience that is purposeful, logical and coherent.

The learning environment encourages students to be independent, creative thinkers with compassion towards other beings.


MGIS students can opt from different boards to tailor their learning experience according to their needs.