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If learning can be made fun, then so can evaluation.

                   The process of evaluation is constructive with qualitative feedback given to help the learners improve. Assessment tasks are both formative and summative and are evaluated with criterion referenced grid that is shared with students before the assessment begins. Self assessment, peer group evaluation, teacher synthesis and parent feedback are also an integral part of of the learning and evaluation process. Home visits to the students house are conducted during the academic year to assess the student’s holistic development and adapt teaching methodology according to individual needs.

                   Overall the process of evaluation and feedback is critical to further understanding and teachers strive to make it an enjoyable process as compared to the examination system which creates fear among the students. Throughout approaches to learning and teaching are developed. That way, students develop a joy for learning and remain undaunted when they have to pass examinations later on. This approach helps students deal with challenging tasks with a realistic and determined outlook. The continual feedback and self reflection ensures academic rigour, creativity and overall development where students can realise their potential. This is the largest asset we can help build in such a fast changing world.For assessment details specific to the grade level you are interested in please refer to the Academic Programs.