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The school has an in-house Psychologist to counsel and guide students, parents and teachers, give professional inputs to address issues, give a holistic understanding of student progression, answer queries; and support the learning environment and the school community.
The Education Needs of four types of students are addressed by the school counsellor:

a. Students facing learning challenges
b. Students who require additional support, due to extraordinary talent in a subject or extra-curricular area.
c. Students facing behavioural challenges
d. Students with Special Needs.

The school counsellor provides Learning Support for students who face barriers to learning and who require special support to participate in the school’s programs. She carries out classroom observation and discusses any further details if necessary with teachers and parents.
The class teachers conduct home visits every academic year in order to collect data, and observe the child’s natural environment and family dynamics with a view to understand its impact on the child. If required, the school counsellor also makes the home visit with the class teacher.

Contact Person: Dr. Ajab Primuswala (ajab.p@mgis.in)


MGIS students can opt from different boards to tailor their learning experience according to their needs.