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Educational Framework

Experiential, holistic learning at MGIS

Mahatma Gandhi International School is an educational project that promotes holistic learning. The emphasis is on learning rather than teaching. The process of learning is experiential with real-life meaningful links. Children are active agents in the construction of their knowledge. There is an atmosphere of freedom that mentor children to become responsible and to (re)discover the joys of learning. Here children have a platform for active learning, where they are encouraged to explore, experiment, discover, do and express themselves in a non-threatening environment.


We touch the future, we teach!

The school aims to create compassionate world citizens concerned about others and their environment. Children are actively involved in community service and development projects that include teaching at local government schools, fund-raising for community development projects, cleaning places of tourist and archeological importance.


The educational framework at MGIS

The theoretical framework of the school is based upon an experiential, constructivist approach in which the learners are looked upon as architects of their own learning experience. Through our project-based approach, learning is guided not by subjects but by challenges and the need to overcome them. Based on the tenets of the framework developed by Jean Piaget, the French Psychologist; John Dewey, the American educator; Mahatma Gandhi, the Father of the nation; Vygotsky, the Russian linguist and educator; progressive education; and experiential education. Through an understanding and application of these educational frameworks, the school offers liberal education to its students.

Inclusive Education

The school was created with the founding principles of increasing intercultural awareness and using it as a tool in the learning process. Diversity-lingual and ethnic, interdisciplinary work, active learning techniques, student centered learning, making them independent learners, epistemology and meta cognition in the learning process help them make connections between subjects and the outside world. It helps them build their critical thinking skills and develop a strong sense of awareness of their place in today’s world. Our pedagogy is experiential and utilizes all five senses, space and movement and makes optimal use of human and material resources within the learner’s surrounding. We integrate new technologies into the learning experience. These learning processes are the foundation of our educational philosophy.