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Exchange program

Mahatma Gandhi International School, a K-12 School located in Ahmedabad (India), is author- ised by the International Baccalaureate Organisation and the University of Cambridge. Two times recipient of the International School Award, it organizes student and teacher exchange programs with various schools in different countries across the world. Among them, one of the successful pro- grams is with France, which started in 2000 with L’Ecole Aujourd’hui in Paris. Since 2008, there have also been International Student Exchanges with one of the most prestigious schools of France, Lycée International St Germain en Laye (the American Section).

The International exchange program of MGIS acts as a catalyst to enhance the cultural exchange between India and France through education. The program focuses also on promoting a better understanding of emerging India and its growth story through visits to leading Institutions of modern India and interactions. Students of MGIS and Lycée International Saint Germain-en-Laye participate in diverse activities including theatre and art workshops, community service, presentations and heritage walks. Furthermore, trainings and visits are organised for the visiting French students and teachers in contemporary centres of excellence as well as monuments and places of historical importance.

These series of exchange programmes therefore focus on the strengths of the past as well as modern India and exposes the visiting French students to the vibrant Indian spirit and culture. They painted outside walls with messages of inclusion and continued with community service activities. The exchange programme continues to build upon the experiences gathered over the past few years and has evolved to capture the challenges and opportunities of a booming economy. For the coming exchanges we will continue to engage students in similar activities by adding a myriad of cultural exposure through workshops and seminars to learn from leading Indian experts from institutes like Physical Research Laboratory and space applications centre on India’s space programme achievements as well as othertechnological innovations.

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