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Faculty & PD

At MGIS we celebrate our teacher’s contribution, their passion and enthusiasm to create a wonderful learning environment for MGIS students. Their exemplary zeal to share their wonderful abilities has made MGIS a thriving, living example of joyful, experiential and purposeful pedagogy.

Pascal Chazot
Founder Head of School

Instead of viewing ourselves as teachers, we should consider ourselves as life long learners. We continue to learn as long as we are alive.

Anju Musafir
Founder Director

I’m learning all the time and feel blessed. The energy and love of Mgis students and faculty is a gift that heals us even as it gives us strength in difficult times.

Minoo Joshi
Management & MYP Coordinator

For me being in MGIS is a continuation of metamorphosis as a learner in all spheres of life.

Ravinder Kaur
Management & DP Coordinator

Ravinder ma’am: It’s enlightening when my students come out with efficient and better ways than I know of. It has been the best therapy for me to learn and engage with students.

Anita Shah
Primary Coordinator

MGIS gives me an opportunity to be a lifelong learner. Here I walk with my students on their journey, instilling a love for learning and joy in creative expression.

Lissa Chazot
CAS Coordinator

Here at MGIS I feel a part of a larger movement in the field of education with a dynamic team of visionary change makers.

Anjali ma’am
Senior Faculty

I feel proud to be a teacher at MGIS.

Minal Patel
Senior Faculty

Teaching at MGIS is Exciting. The classes are very lively.


As an MGIS teacher, I have the opportunity to share my passion and enthusiasm with pupils every class. MGIS has helped me appreciate that each child is unique & has the ability to achieve beyond expectations.

Reema Shah

I feel happy and joyful, I have got a good opportunity of being a teacher. I love the way we are trained here as teachers. I have learnt life skills.


MGIS is a holy institution, where I am freely growing to be a better person and guide towards the tender buds awaiting to bloom in this liberal yet caring environment and also proves distance hardly matters

Tapan Shukla

I am just creating an environment and providing opportunities in which students can apply their knowledge with best efforts.

Minhaaz Rangwala

Being a teacher at MGIS allowed me to interact with beautiful people in form of my students & colleagues, who have played a very important role in shaping me as an individual that I am today.


Being an MGIS teacher you have a good experience, you have liberty to work and learn, it gives you confidence in yourself.

Bernard Diouf

I feel a lot of love as a teacher here, I enjoy and respect the multicultural environment.

Ajab P

I feel it is a gift and a boon to be part of the MGIS family. No words in any dictionary can describe how great it feels about being an MGIS teacher.

Priyanka Goswami

MGIS is a school which gives me opportunities to not only teach but inspire.

BTEC Coordinator, UKIERI Project Owner

I love the freedom with which you can work in the school. I treasure the freedom we are given to take decisions which saves a lot of time and energy. Each day i look forward to come to school and get things done. I have grown as a better person being in this environment.

Chandrika Makwana

I have grown as a person by working at MGIS. It has been a long journey from being an MGIS student to MGIS faculty.

Monal Vekaria

MGIS gives me strength, confidence and freedom in professional and personal life, it is like a second home to me.

Kanisha Modi

We breathe freedom at MGIS. We learn and grow as a better person. MGIS allows me to be myself.

Faraha Khericha

It is liberating to experience the world without boundaries. Sharing that freedom with children is truly fulfilling.

Joona Sheel
Curriculum Coordinator

Someone put it beautifully that like is all about balance and one of the most vital of all balance points is the one involving freedom & responsibility, and thats the skill I get to hone at MGIS each day.

Komal Modi

Being a teacher at MGIS is a very enriching experience, we are given space for creativity.

Parita Sharma
KG Coordinator

As a teacher I feel responsible for the Future of tomorrow. As an MGIS teacher I feel happy.

Mauli Shah

Interacting with young students allows me to learn and unlearn, their ideas and approach to everything is so unique and creative. I feel very loved and respected at school. As they say, I touch the future, I teach


The philosophy of MGIS is very child oriented and it helps in holistic development and that is what I like about being a part of the MGIS team.


I feel blessed to be a part of the movement where children first learn how to think. Everything else makes complete sense.


MGIS teachers are like candles they consume themselves to light the way for others. Their purpose is not to create students in his own image, but to develop students who can create their own image Salute to all MGIS teachers.

Naheed Pathan
Academic Secretary

I am happy to be a part of the MGIS team. The school with happy kids.

Burhan Chataiwala

MGIS is like a team of individuals that support each other. A good team becomes a great one because of the support. I am happy to be part of the MGIS community.

Savita ben

MGIS teachers are really helpful, they take care of us, we like a small family, teachers teach well and they are really hardworking.

Deepmala ben

The teachers here are more like friends, they do not discriminate. Our school teachers are the best.

Shankar bhai

MGIS teachers are helpful and teach well, they respect us and treat us with equality.

Pushpa ben

Teachers at MGIS are very sincere and very caring towards the students. It is wonderful to see.

Parvati ben

In addition to teaching, MGIS teachers take on other duties as well, they are often seen multi-tasking and handling a variety of responsibilities. They often work from home. They handle their students well but if another class needs their attention, they reach out to them without a second thought.

Bharat bhai

The teachers at MGIS are very nice, they talk very politely with everybody, be it students or staff. They are all very hard working. They do their job very nicely.

Mahender bhai

Teachers here at MGIS are very good cooperative, teach well we are like a family here.

Ajit bhai

MGIS teachers take care of everyone, they give individual attention to students even if their meals have to be skipped. They give full attention to children.

Tina ben

MGIS teachers are very hardworking. They teach well, are very well intentioned towards the school, they treat it like it is their second home.

Janu ben

Teachers at MGIS are very good and they take care of students and staff. The nature of the teachers is very loving and friendly.


MGIS students can opt from different boards to tailor their learning experience according to their needs.