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Students from a non-English speaking country and local students who are unable to speak English due to cultural or socio-economic reasons are identified and enrolled for a strong program for the acquisition of the language of instruction – English. This program enables these students to access, take part, and achieve success in the academic, social and cultural life of the school. To this end, the school conducts Intensive English classes using proven pedagogical methods in order to ensure that each child has a smooth integration into the mainstream classroom.
Class teachers work closely with the language support persons to ensure that the needs of their students are met as soon as possible to ensure their participation in class activities and projects.
A phased support program is put in place, where the students undergo an intensive immersion program in English at the beginning of their term. This program focuses on their oral communication skills more than anything else, so that children may actively participate with their peer groups. Once this has been achieved, the students then receive support classes in English, focusing on acquiring reading and writing skills, as well as understanding linguistic conventions.

Students who have limited access to resources at home and wish to use the IT and Library facilities after school hours, can stay back and access it under teacher supervision till 5.30 pm.

Contact Person: Amla Shukla (amla.s@mgis.in)
Contact Person: Reema Shah (reema.s@mgis.in), Bharat Parida (bharat.p@mgis.in) 


MGIS students can opt from different boards to tailor their learning experience according to their needs.