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Technology infused learning!





A dream 15 years ago when MGIS was founded. People were against it in our school. Today RTE makes it mandatory for all schools.



that are redefining the teaching pedagogy in many schools


ADEPT, The Centre of Teacher Training

CARE, The Research Centre

MGIS, The International School

Overall Functioning

Mahatma Gandhi International School (MGIS) works to increase human knowledge and understanding of holistic child development. The research is conducted at MGIS and disseminated through the in-house pedagogical training institute ADEPT.This centre is also the reservoir that provides structural help to the school of application (MGIS) as it develops and evolves. This centre develops different training programs lasting:

Option A.

Training that lasts a few days to offer informative insight or a hands-on training on a specific subject such as:

• Project based Pedagogy
• Innovative strategies for Teaching and Learning
• Technology Infused Pedagogy
• Normative, Formative and Summative Assessment
• Optimising Communication
• Train the trainer etc.

Option B.

A more in-depth nine month long certificate program in pedagogical innovation

The centre also offers the possibility for trainers to conduct trainings, give presentations about the research and pedagogical work done at MGIS in India and abroad.

Some of the trainings that have been conducted:

• Anju Musafir, Pascal Chazot and Minoo Joshi conducted a Train the Trainer Workshop for GCERT (Gujrat Centre for Education Research and Training) to a group of 45 Master Trainers in the district of Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad. The National Secretary of Education from Delhi was briefed on the trainings.
• Anju Musafir and Pascal Chazot conducted a training in Atlanta, USA in joyful based learning in Humanities and Language.

The Centre for Action-Research in Education (CARE) is independent because with the advances in the science of education and the technological revolution in communication, new jobs have been created hence new skills are required.Although the independence of this centre is conspicuous, its interdependence is genuine as the teachers practicing in the school or in the Training Centre are individuals who are an integral part of the Research Centre as well, due to their designation in school, their competence and their experience.

Research done MGIS teachers:
• Over 150 articles on education in French and English in publications in Europe and Asia
• Authoring Text-books for the Gujarat Government (Gujarat State Textbook Board)- Standard 1, 2, 3 English and Environment textbook.

This dynamism between the three components or axis of this organization reflects its psychosocial aspect of this education project. The artificially generated dichotomy between intellectuals and the others- the manual workers and others- hence gets eliminated.

The voluntary integration of students from underprivileged socio-economic backgrounds is already a significant effort in the same direction to ease out such differentiation. Moreover, the Training Centre is open to new competencies and skills required by the evolving needs of the professional world and also gives due importance to professional and vocational experience.

It is an award winning PPP Model. MGIS won an award for education in the category ‘Best Initiative in Best Public-Private Partnership in the field of Vocational Education and Skill Training’ at the World Education Summit 2012 in New Delhi on 23 July 2012.

Mahatma Gandhi International School is independent as it is administratively and financially autonomous. As a school of application, a work space for teachers trained in the Training Centre and the preferred space to perfect the pedagogical tools and strategies developed in the Research Centre, it is interdependent with ADEPT and CARE. The school is run under the auspices of the International Education and Research Foundation (IERF), a registered public charitable in Ahmedabad.The trustees are:The Hon’ble Mayor of Ahmedabad (Ex-officio), the Municipal Commissioner (Ex-officio), the Chairman, Municipal School Board (Ex-officio), Retd. Chief Justice T.U. Mehta, Dr Pascal Chazot, Ms Anju Musafir (Managing Trustee).

Overall, the institution comprises of three independent components that are intrinsically interdependent on one another.

MGIS, the school functions on democratic principles of self-governance. There is a functioning full student council and each class has a council. The rules are framed by the children. They participate in the functioning of the school by voicing their likes, dislikes, problems and desires openly. There is no hierarchical structure but the teachers work together in a spirit of cooperation with the founders of the school. The school is student centric in its functioning.