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The school explicitly announced that 20% of the school students would be taken from the socially and economically deprived sections of society and such students be provided full scholarship. These students belong to the lower castes and are often ‘outcastes’ in the system of castes that is constitutionally abolished in India, but continues in Indian society.

The fees structures make it affordable for the very middle class Indians. Part and full scholarships are offered to those who can’t afford. Children from the biggest slum areas of the city are our students and today are fluent in English (otherwise the language of the elite), their mother tongue, and are confident and availing of quality education.

In case you would like to help the school fund their education throughout their academic years then you can contact the Admin Office.


Phone : +91 79 2646 3888
Email : info@mgis.in
Address :
Mahatma Gandhi International School,
Sheth Motilal Hirabhai Bhavan,Mithakali,
Ahmedabad, 380006,
Gujarat, INDIA

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