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Batch 2014

“Mgis is a place for growth and exploration. A child can never really feel out of place here. There are no boundaries to what can be achieved. No limitations to the fields in which these achievements can be made. This school accepts as you are. Because it doesn’t matter who you are and where you’re from. Once you are a student of mgis. You will always be a student of mgis. Not even a student. You will be the children of mgis”

Lothika Jha

“Education is such a powerful thing. It empowers people. Sadly, most schools are places that are very strict or demanding. In this school, we had a lot of freedom and we always had a lot of fun. At the end of the day, I think we have excelled and we have succeeded like those who passed out of other schools; maybe more.”

Mudra Patel

“MGIS taught me independence, and gave me a chance to study in an open minded and enjoyable environment.”

Diva Choksi

Batch 2013

“MGIS gave me the space and freedom to find myself. It helped me make myself an individual and formulate my own way of thinking.”


“Common sense, what I refer to as the “critical thought” and the confidence of approaching that what interests me – three indispensable things that MGIS has taught me. What more can an 18 year old, just graduating from school and entering a new phase of life, ask for as a parting gift? “

Ansh Baid

“I have really enjoyed my school years. They have essentially acted as a driving agent to get me into the attitude of approaching my surroundings in a multi-dimensional way along with founding the core base of my “thinking out of the box” type of outlook. I’m glad and thankful that MGIS has succeeded to put me in the practice of a “Life long learning process”. I would like to claim that where I stand today is due to the efforts made by MGIS after me in a number of circumstances.”

Kewal Patel

Batch 2012

“Studies are a part of all the fun, cannot distinguish between a game or a class.”

Jasma Vekaria

“MGIS has shown me the right path in life. Mgis is like a family.”

Yash Patel

“MGIS has been the best school. I have made some amazing memories along with some great friends. I really miss MGIS and I really hope I had more years to spend here.”

Maharshi Patel

Batch 2011

“A place that helped em find myself. It helped me grow as a person and become the person I am today. Thank you for everything.”

Shristi Bhandari

“Best thing in school I liked was the culture. It felt like a family at school. We were allowed to make our own decisions. The way we were taught and groomed in school, is now really helping me in my college”

Sakhi Ganeriwala

“It definitely helped shape the person I am today! I am so glad I was out of the gujarat board.”

Kashish Kacheria

Batch 2010

“Best school for exploring your calling”

Saahil Karkhanis

“I was in MGIS for 10 years and I still feel like joining back from where I had stared from 3rd grade”

Sharmeen Attarwala

“Mgis is a lot more than just a school, it is a place where we as students are exposed to different cultures, new subjects, new ways of learning. Mgis gave me learning, teachers and friends for life time”

Shripal Shah

Batch 2009

“I think the hardest part of University is being independent both in your thought, and in your actions. Sciences Po encourages independent thought and MGIS was instrumental in helping me developing this asset.”

Saher Shodhan:

“Its different not because we don’t have uniforms, its different because the freedom has helped me in becoming a responsible person”

Aseem Patel

“MGIS taught me more than just academic lessons. It taught me lessons for life. It encouraged me to think and believe in more than just knowledge. It made me a person who couldn’t be rattled by anything in the world. It helped me in becoming who I am today and I’m truly thankful to everybody who held the guiding light throughout my time here.”

Archita Bhalotia

Batch 2008

“MGIS has played a very important role in transforming us. It has given us a true blend of value education. It gave me freedom from fear and let me be myself.”

Marisha Vashi

“I wish I was still here!!”

Mehr Seth

“I had the best times of my life in this school”

Ratna Patel

“Being an MGIS graduate has helped me tremendously because I have all the analytical and critical thinking skills that one is expected to have in university doesn’t teach these skills right from scratch. Thats why, it has helped being an MGIS graduate.”

Niyati Patel

“MGIS gave me the courage and self confidence required to break away from the mould andf do something I really wanted to do.”

Sunaina Shah

“MGIS is an unforgettable experience of learning and acquiring knowledge through extraordinarily original yet fantastic ways learning. It not only opened new doors but taught us how to glide through the journey of life by making us composed, aware, sensitive, pensive and responsible human beings.”

Isha Javeri