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UKIERI 2011- 2016 project



UKIERI Core Team

On going Training Initiatives

The UK India Education and Research Initiative (UKIERI) started in April 2006 with the aim of enhancing educational links between India and the UK. In the last five years, UKIERI has played a pivotal role in establishing a step change in the educational relations between the two countries. In recognition of the substantial achievements and building on the success of this initiative, the programme has been extended for 5 years from 2011 to 2016. The extension was announced by the UK Prime Minister Mr. David Cameron and Indian Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh in July 2010.

Both governments have confirmed funding for UKIERI and the programme aims to now deliver systemic change by reaching out to larger numbers. It will also provide opportunities for professional and leadership development of schools, higher education institutions and vocational institutions, support partnerships and develop student mobility and skills development programmes.

Mahatma Gandhi International School (MGIS) is the first school in India to get registered by EDEXCEL as a vocational center for Level 3 BTEC program in Creative Media Production.In 2012 MGIS had been awarded the Travel Grant, to travel to the UK and find possibility to tie up with UK further Education Institutions. A Team from MGIS 1) Anju Musafir (Director – Founder of MGIS) 2) Minoo Joshi (Senior Faculty, MYP Coordinator and founder member) MeenakshiGaneriwala (Program Lead UKIERI and BTEC Coordinator) visited Duduley College in UK from 24th January 2013 to 30th January 2013.The outcome of the visit wasa successful tie up between The Dudley College and MGIS.

In continuing relation ship with UKIERI, MGIS won the ICB ( Institution Capacity Building )strand 3 grant in January 2014. Through this venture, MGIS is currently working with its UK partner Dudley College, to provide multi-media modules for skill-based teacher training. These modules will benefit many teachers across India and the UK and will build a strong emphasis on active and experiential learning, which is the foundation of the MGIS teaching philosophy.
This would not have been possible without the dedicated efforts put in by the MGIS team as well as the support and encouragement from the entire MGIS community, that is you dear parents and students.

Project Owner UK : Sanjeev Ohri
Project Owner India : Meenakshi Ganeriwala

Trainers :
Anju Musafir, Pascal Chazot, Dean Price, Minoo Joshi, and Ravinder Kaur,
Future Trainers: Stanley Stephen, Amla Shukla, Anita Shah, Joona Sheel

Media Team India :
Camera : Kanisha Modi and Chaitali Bhavre
Editing : Neha Solanki and Chandrika Makwana

Media Team UK: Jon Turner

1. TeacherTraining at AMA by MGIS and Dudley College

2. Creative Media Training with Jon Turner Teachers and Students
Chandrika Makwana ,Kanisha Modi and NehaSolanki

3. Dr. Ajab Primuswala has been trained in MGIS pedagogy Dr Pascal Chazot, Anju Musafir,Minoo Joshi and RavinderKaur. One of the major focus of MGIS is Inclusive Education. Depending on this Phenomena. She Showed Manak’s Movie in which his progress is featured with schools functioning and how Inclusive education is worked out. the teachers training done at Mgis is very unique and the in house developed modules are utilised as tools for teaching, with the help of these tools i have trained 100 teachers approx. Subsequently I will be having 2 more such sessions, so I will be training 300 teachers overall.

4. RavinderKaur was a speaker and presented” Emerging pedagogies of the 21st century learning”. She spoke about the need to bring in the change in our education system by adopting effective pedagogical practices.This was followed with the showcasing of ” Unfolding of Periodic Table movie”. The seminar was about the Educational Leadership.