Date : August 9, 2020
Time : 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm
Venue : Facebook
Organizer Name : Mind Mingle

Dr. Anju Kauwr Chazot was invited to be a speaker in an online international conference organised by MIndMIngle on the theme, “Re-inventing Education- Ultimatum of the Pandemic”.

This webinar was attended by educators from across the world.

The following speakers were a part of the webinar.

• Dr. Anju Musafir – Founder, MGIS: A Democratic and Future Ready School
• His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama: World’s Renowned Spiritual Leader
• Takaharu Tezuka: Architect/ Professor Tokyo city University known for designing one of the World’s best Kindergarten- Fuji Kindergarten, JAPAN
• Margrét Pála Ólafsdóttir: Founder, Innovative Hjalli Módel of Education, ICELAND
• Lasse Reichstein: Hellerup School DENMARK known as School without walls.
• Zoe Neill Readhead: Principal, Summerhill School England known as World’s Oldest Democratic School
• B K Shivani: Teacher and Spiritual leader, INDIA
• Garry Jacobs: CEO of the World Academy of Art & Science, UNITED STATE OF AMERICA
• Melati Wijsen: Dutch/Indonesian Climate Activist, INDONESIA
• Sanne Van Oort: Founder, Mother Jungle and Head of Green Education, VIETNAM
• Gopalan S: Krishnamurti Foundation, INDIA
• Anil Pradhan: IPSFRI, INDIA
• Dr. Debashis Chatterjee : Director, IIM Kozhikode, INDIA
• Yasodai Selvakumaran : Rooty Hills High School, AUSTRALIA
• Richard Gerver: Author & world-renowned thinker. Former head, Grange Primary school, UNITED KINGDOM
• Mazin Mukhtar & Parmita Sarma: Akshar Foundation, INDIA
• Aryan Mishra: Amateur Astronomer and Director-Spark Astronomy, INDIA