Hetna Jadeja Hetna Jadeja

Hetna Jadeja


“From the moment I entered the school premises my perspective in looking at the world around me has completely changed. The school has broadened my outlook and taught me to think deeply. If I hadn’t come to MGIS, I may never have realized the skills, creativity, capability and enthusiasm which have unfolded within me over the course of the last year. Though I am from Jamnagar, in MGIS I have found my home away from home.”

Her star project is ‘Making a model of Ahmedabad City’. It was a wonderfully rich project in which students learnt not only about the city in a concrete way, but also understood the essence of the city. It was an interdisciplinary project in which students explored Ahmedabad in a multitude of ways. They researched and performed as different helpers of the city such as police personnel, firefighters, doctors. They also conducted surveys and learnt about the famous Ahmedabad farsan, which they later cooked and sold in our school cafe for students and teachers.The project gave me the opportunity to link my interest in dance, art and creativity with classroom teaching. This project is precious to me for having provided a great learning experience for both the students as well as for me.