Saniya Saiyad Saniya Saiyad

Saniya Saiyad


Saniya joined MGIS in 2014. She has a double masters in Economics and MBA. She loves nature. She teaches Economics in IBDP and has in the past taught KG.

“Though I am an educator, I prefer to think of myself as a ‘learner’ rather than a teacher. The school has provided me a vast platform to learn things from different age groups. I am fortunate to work in MGIS, a place that gives freedom to allow minds to be creative by giving never-ending opportunities to think and implement. I have a true love for nature and that is what gives me the positive energy to work more efficiently in this green and lively environment. The projects that we do here are not those that just remain in the files. Here at MGIS, learning takes place through practical work, be it working on a kitchen garden, cooking for the cafe, doing wall paintings or learning about flora and fauna.”

Star project:
‘Knowing your body’ in KG. The children made silhouettes of their bodies and labeled different body parts.They became familiar with their bodies and learnt about hygiene and the difference between personal and general space. Children got the opportunity to explore the fact that everyone is unique, having different body structures and that that is something to embrace. W also touched upon related topics like measuring height and observing different eye colours.Students made silhouettes of their body and marked different body parts. They became familiar with their body and learned to maintain hygiene.