Nishani Shah Nishani Shah

Nishani Shah


Nishani joined MGIS in 2016. She has a Bachelors in Business Administration and is currently undertaking a Masters in Political science. She has learnt French at Alliance Francaise Ahmedabad. She is also an aspiring author.

She started her journey in the field of education inspired by one of the greatest world teachers of the 20th century, J.Krishnamurti, having taken to his work to understand her own life around 2012. She is interested in exploring the field of education in it’s true sense beginning at the meaning of the word ‘education’ that comes from the Latin root ‘educare’ meaning ‘to bring out’, pointing to the cultivation of the whole human being and not a part. She feels that education is where a society is born; the world is in dire need of a new kind of mind that is unconditioned, intelligent, aware, creative and whole.

She is currently the class teacher of Senior Kindergarten and the second teacher of Junior Kindergarten. She also goes to MYP classes to teach language modules.