Minal Patel Minal Patel

Minal Patel

Senior Faculty

Minal joined MGIS in 2005 as a Librarian. She reorganised the library and made it a dynamic space for teachers and students.She received Professional Development and attended IB workshops before becoming an initiator in the school. At present, she is the class teacher of Grade 1 and has been doing excellent work in developing reading and writing skills through innovative class projects.

She learnt Graphic Design at the National Institute of Design, carpet weaving from a textile designer in Ahmedabad. She started her own carpet weaving business, designing, dyeing the yarn and helping in the weaving of the carpets. She ran the business for 20 years.

Her Star Project: Performing a Play based on a book with Grade 1 students. This project was a good combination of Global Reading, group formation, communication and organization skills, music and visual arts.