Dr Sunandita Maseeh Dr Sunandita Maseeh

Dr Sunandita Maseeh


Sunandita Maseeh has a Masters in Economics from the Centre for Advanced Study in Economics, the Gokhale Institute of Politics and Economics, Pune, considered to be the oldest research and training institute in Economics in India. She has also completed her Post Graduate Program in Business Finance from the Indian Institute of Finance. Delhi. She further completed her PhD in Education studying the impact of differentiated teaching techniques on enhancing performance of the students.

She has been teaching IBDP Economics since almost 12 years and is an IBDP Board Examiner for Economics and Extended Essays. She is passionate about teaching Economics and ensures her love for the subject percolates down to her students. There is nothing more she enjoys than to see her students enthusiastically participating and expressing their opinion through discussions, debates, student’s lectures, panel discussions, Socratic seminars, etc.

Respect in the classroom is important to her and she ensures that every child has a special place in the class. This is the reason she holds MGIS in high esteem and enjoys watching the verve and confidence of her students in the mixed ability classroom, inculcated through their years in this school.

As the Extended Essays co-ordinator, she thoroughly enjoys guiding the students through this important milestone in their IB Diploma Program, ensuring they remain stress free and enjoy their research experience.

Besides academics, she loves music. She has received formal training in Western Classical Singing and Piano from Trinity College London and is a choir director.