Anita Shah Anita Shah

Anita Shah

TOK Coordinator

Anita is one of the senior teachers of MGIS, she has been part of the school since 2004. She was the Primary coordinator for many years, guiding, collaborating and planning with the team of Primary teachers for Cambridge International Examination (Primary). She also planned, attended and conducted pedagogical workshops to train teachers in our school, developed units to integrate curriculum into class projects and conducted teacher-training workshops with visiting teachers on behalf of the school for example for GCERT.

As an IB MYP class teacher, she does collaborative planning for teaching and assessment and works closely with local organizations like CEE to integrate environmental education into classroom teaching. As the IBDP Theory of knowledge coordinator, she plans classes with DP teachers and conducts evaluations for Theory of knowledge in the IB Diploma programme.

Her interest in environmental education inspired mhere to conduct a teacher training workshop as part of Skill-fest, Integrating Environment Education in regular classroom teaching. She was also a participant of the CEE’s ‘Green teacher training’, and was awarded the Exemplary Teacher Award for the ‘Create to Inspire’ programme.

She conducts in house teacher training sessions with regards to pedagogy, curriculum planning and development, language and literacy, logical abilities, critical thinking and problem solving. As part of her ongoing professional development, she has attended IB and Cambridge teacher training sessions in Humanities, English and Theory of knowledge, British Council training in core skills, critical thinking and problem solving, Harvard University’s “Teaching for understanding” online course. She proceeded to do “Coach development” and “Apprentice coaching” for the TFU Harvard course in 2008-9.

Some of her star projects are:

  • ‘Conducting a campaign to reduce pollution in our city by collecting E-waste and sending it to authorised recyclers’. We collaborated with Centre for Environment Education (CEE) and won an award for sustainable school practices and integrating technology ‘Create to Inspire’ toolkit to collect and recycle E-waste through this class project.
  • ‘Making a Calendar about our identity and culture using Typography’ by working with students from National institute of Design.
  • ‘Making a diary about our city’ using photographs that depict our city’s socio-cultural identity and history’.
  • ‘Making a calendar using Indian Folk Art patterns’ in animal drawings in order to raise money to save endangered species in our country.
  • ‘Creating a user-friendly guide to resolve conflicts in everyday situations’ keeping in mind the philosophy of Gandhiji.