Mahatma Gandhi International School (MGIS), founded in 1998, is an award winning Public-Private Partnership model between the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation, Municipal School Board and educationalists, Dr. Pascal Chazot and Anju Kawr Chazot.

The school integrates a Center for Action Research in Education and a Center for Teacher Training. In addition to in-house training, MGIS founders and senior faculty have mentored schools of various boards to implement the MGIS trademark ‘Generated Resource Learning TM ’ pedagogy. Research done by MGIS faculty includes over 500 articles on education, linguistics and parenting in publications across Europe, Canada and Asia; text-books for the Gujarat Government etc.

MGIS is student-centric and functions on democratic principles of self-governance. It has created a space for experiential learning through projects with real life links. It was the first international school in Gujarat, the first school in the state to use Apple technology and the first school in India to offer skill development courses affiliated to Edexcel BTEC. MGIS has a strong international and national education exchange program with France, Australia, South Korea, USA and Ladakh (India).


  • The trustees of Mahatma Gandhi International School are:
  • The ex-officio Municipal Commissioner
  • The ex-officio Mayorshri
  • The ex-officio Chairman of Municipal School Board
  • Smt. Anju Musafir (Managing Trustee) and
  • Shri. Pascal Chazot


The building belongs to the Sheth Motilal Hirabhai family and the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation. As part of the Public-Private Partnership model, the city’s authorities came together with educationists to provide quality education.

Mission Statement

The school is committed to provide quality education that is accessible to all sections of society irrespective of caste, socio-economic status, religion and nationality. Through its pedagogy, it strives to encourage and develop the learner as a compassionate human being.

The school seeks to promote inter-cultural understanding and mutual respect by encouraging all forms of diversity (cultural, intellectual, physical, linguistic and other) within and without the classroom in order to engender diverse learner interactions, which are a fundamental resource to its innovative pedagogy.

The school is committed to develop and implement a pedagogy which allows for learning to be an enjoyable experience that is purposeful, logical and coherent. The school is inspiring the community to foster the spiritual dimension in education through practices that develop both sides of the brain with intuition, imagination and mindfulness. The learning environment encourages students to be independent, creative thinkers with compassion towards other beings.

Triadic Structure


The school houses a Center for Action Research in Education (CARE) which is the site for action research projects in the field of education that drive the teacher training center and the classroom pedagogy at MGIS. CARE is independent because with the advances in the science of education and the technological revolution in communication, new jobs have been created hence new skills are required.


Mahatma Gandhi International School (MGIS) is the school of application, the space where teachers trained in the Teacher Training Center (ADEPT) implement the pedagogical tools and teaching strategies developed in the in-house action research centre (CARE).

Teacher Training

Located in Ahmedabad, ADEPT the in-house teacher training centre of MGIS, opens its doors for the first time to interested teachers across the world. We are willing to share our pedagogical secrets for the benefit of the larger teaching community and millions of students who will be touched by them.