Audrey Pelerin Audrey Pelerin

Audrey Pelerin

French and Mission Laïque Française coordinator

Audrey is a French native. Born and raised in France, she very early on felt concerned by environmental issues especially in southern countries. That’s why she studied environmental engineering in Bretagne (west of France).

She worked for 7 years in Paris in a top environmental services company, then an NGO aiming at building capacity for young professionals working in basic services (water, waste, energy) around the World and then in a corporate foundation.

She then decided to follow her 10 year old dream to reconnect with her Roots in India and positevely impact her origin country through her environmental skills.

She now has one foot in Pondichéry where she is vice president of the French entrepreneur club and running environmental consulting missions, and one foot in Ahmedabad as coordinator for Mission Laïque Française French program. She is also in charge of managing the blog of the school and coordinating différent sustainable programs for the school.

She is also fond of dancing salsa and zumba, playing the piano and gardening.