Hemali Choksi Hemali Choksi

Hemali Choksi


“From having moved between continents, countries and cities, it was MGIS that brought me back to Ahmedabad. I am here both as a parent of two boys who study in the school as well as an initiator. I love the school for many things -most of all for being a safe and loving environment for my children, but also for providing an education that goes much beyond academics.”

Over the years Hema has been involved in education in different capacities. She has taught piano at the Bangalore School of Music, started a children’s library, run a play school and also co-founded a school in Gangtok. “MGIS though is where I have begun to understand what it truly means to be an educator. I love the freedom I am granted to explore and develop that which can inspire each group of children I work with. There is a need to be attuned to the needs of the group, but also each child, so that individual learning styles and needs are respected and addressed. I love the resulting synergy that develops between my students and me.”

Star Project: As a firm believer in the saying “To read is to fly,” one of her greatest joys is to fire up an excitement for books and reading. With her Grade 4 students last year, she undertook an oral history project and the children were able to experience what it means to author their own book. Students researched the lives of their grandparents and showcased the rich learning that took place during the year through primary research, graph-making, oral and written language, geography, culture and diversity, among many other areas of exploration.

“Though this class project was done in my first year at MGIS, the love and appreciation this book received from students, parents, grandparents and others in the school community was overwhelming and this project will always mean a lot to me both personally and professionally.”