Rohee Dholakia Rohee Dholakia

Rohee Dholakia


Rohee has worked in education in different capacities over the years, finally settling into MGIS as her home. She completed her bachelor’s in engineering, master’s in business administration for social entrepreneurship and a fellowship on holistic education after which she pursued her passion to work in education. At MGIS, she is working with children across different age groups with the focus of building on English language for the younger ones, English and Individual and Societies for MYP years and creating a free-learning environment for the kindergarteners.

With the experience of working with government schools, private schools and various alternative learning spaces across India, she aspires to bring children closer to an education which understands their learning needs and caters to it. She has founded a home-schooling/ unschooling learning community for parents in Ahmedabad as well as been a director with an NGO in the past. She was a facilitator and a life skills trainer at Circles of Growth and Unstructured Studio (both alternative spaces of education). She also founded a storytelling space and a poetry circle in Ahmedabad before the pandemic.

Apart from that, she is a writer and a poet. Her writing has been published in The Usawa Literary Review, The EKL review, The Remnant Archive, YourStory among others. She is also an expert reviewer at Write the World which is a global community for young writers to work on their fiction and non-fiction writing pieces.

At MGIS, Rohee has conducted many poetry workshops with grades 4, 7, 9 and 10 where the children learnt of different types and elements of poetry. Later leading to the creation of their own black-out and list poems.