Awareness & Sensitization Program on Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Workplace (PoSH) for the internal committee of Mahatma Gandhi International School on September 24th, 2021, to create a safe and gender-empowered environment. The session covered gender sensitization, the basics of boundaries and PoSH law, as well as the organization’s policies and guidelines.

There is a growing need for workplace harassment awareness, specifically regarding gender issues. A clear understanding of best practices will provide all employees and the Internal Committee (IC) with the tools they need to make the workplace a safe and aspirational place to work.

Chair Person:

Ms. Meenakshi Ganeriwala

Internal Committee (IC) Members:

Miss. Ajab Primuswala

Miss. Rashmi Lalwani

Miss. Kanisha Modi

Miss. Chaitali Bhavre

Mr. Konarch Karnavat

Higher Management Committee:

Dr Anju Musaifr

Dr Pascal Chazot

Miss. Minoo Joshi

Miss. Ravinder Kaur

Miss. Sakina Chataiwala

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