Our school, Mahatma Gandhi International School, has exchange programs with France, Australia, USA, UK and Africa from last seventeen years. As a part of the exchange, several activities were planned with the Spanish group. They were very keen to experience the dance festival- Navratri, the exchange was planned for the aforesaid dates. The group was taken to several Garba performances for a richer experience. They explored our heritage city and its unique socio-cultural background through a heritage walk.

They experienced the unique MGIS pedagogy through joint sessions on school philosophy, methodology and class practices. In order to understand Gandhi Bapu and his life, we organized a special session in
school wherein the students depicted Gandhiji and his messages to the world using mixed media.

Other experiential activities included the introduction to our 5000 years old tradition of yoga and to
Bollywood dance moves through different sessions. Other cultural activities included sessions on tie and dye artwork and block printing, sharing of common projects between the two schools to further strengthen our ties and continuation of the exchange program.

Our school truly is a blend of diverse cultures from Indian and International backgrounds. We have students from all over the world- from Korea, France, Netherlands, Malaysia, USA, UK, Japan, Australia,
Fiji, Canada and many more. They experience Indian culture and appreciate the warm ‘Gujarati’ hospitality. We have ongoing exchange programs with different schools in India as well as abroad. We have teacher trainings, teacher and student exchanges with Mumbai, Jaipur, Chennai, Leh-Ladakh, Delhi, etc.