Komal Modi Komal Modi

Komal Modi


Komal joined MGIS in June 2013. She has a Post Graduation degree in plant physiology and biochemistry and a Bachelor in Education.

“My experience in this unique school has been very enriching for me at a personal as well as professional level. I have learnt a lot through the different projects I have been part of over the years. My favorite projects would be the cafe project which I did with grade 6 and creating eco-friendly products out of waste with grade 8. Both these projects were so diverse and rich in learning.”

In the cafe project, she taught students about the cost of different products used for cooking, the concept of states of matter, physical and chemical change, digestive system, profit and loss, percentage, writing their own recipes, designing and writing their own menu card, making their own table mats using the concept of measurements etc. Learning and practicing life skills through this project was the best part of this project and the kids enjoyed being a part of this.

“The best part of this school is that it gives you freedom to design your own projects which are interdisciplinary and all my colleagues are very cooperative and understanding. Working here makes me feel alive and less stressed. I am excited to be in this lively environment every morning. I can safely say this has been one of the best experiences of my life.”