MGIS founders were invited by CBSE to train their teachers on experiential learning based learning inspired from MGIS pedagogy. The series of teacher trainings will be rolled out as a pilot project and will eventually reach out to all CBSE schools impacting 21500 schools, 1100000 (more than a million teachers) and 20 million students.

In the first cycle held on Guru Purnima, senior MGIS faculty (Pascal sir, Anju ma’am, Minoo ma’am and Ravinder ma’am) trained principals of CBSE schools with audience members from Tata Institute of Social Science, Oxford University Press etc. 

Close to 700 CBSE teachers from Jaipur, Delhi and Mumbai gathered to ‘experience’ first hand how to bring experiential pedagogy in their classroom during a day long conference that included keynote presentations, a 3 hour teacher training and a felicitation ceremony that celebrated dignitaries of Jaipur from different walks of life. 

At the end of her keynote presentation about MGIS, Anju ma’am received a standing ovation. The training conducted by team MGIS included elements of Brain Gym, Kriya Yoga, break the ice activities, meditation, pedagogical experiential learning activities, short videos of MGIS class projects, sharing of best practices etc. The august audience was impressed by the innovative pedagogy of MGIS. The training was documented by Dabhi sir, Neha ma’am, Simran and Mihir.